Health affects quality of life

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Healthy people are trying to get on with their environment, to avoid doing something that can go in harm them or others. You need to have a reliable system of views on life. Only 10% of our health depends on the medicine, the remaining 90% of us samih. What should I do? The ability to adapt to changing conditions – is also a sign of health. And if you can do something good to give to others, and they tell you too. Must not stop, we must go forward all the time: to learn, relearn, to improve. Zdorove as happiness, everyone understands her. In the world there is something unknown, the unknown that are above us. The pleasure of physical activity. Life is now changing rapidly. This is an opportunity to make a lesson from what happened and see the positive side. Material component, especially now that strong effect on the health and his return with the medicine. Stress is normal, it can not escape no one.

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