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But the wrist – the traditional place for ukrasheniy. Germanievye insertion (blue) This element has an effect on the blood and immune system. 23 karat gold, the exclusive design and the full power of modern technology, normalize organ and wearing bracelets sistem. Japanese scientists, in particular Dr. QuadrActiv bracelet combines the elegance of jewelry and efficiency effects on biologically active points. - improves sleep, increasing the level of the evening “sleep hormone” serotonin. Home? That “something” takes care of your health? He also has an effect on the immune system, therefore, a drug in Japan, “Germanium – 132? Kompleksnoe organizm. They are associated with cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, nervous and other systems. What you have now on your wrist? For your information, the most sensitive to oxygen deficiency central nervous system, cardiac muscle, kidney and liver tissue. Vy want to attract attention for original decoration and feel like it takes care of your health? - Increases the body’s resistance to impact zabolevaniyam., Used for correction of immune status in various diseases cheloveka. In nature, negative ions are formed near the waterfalls on the beach, with a lightning strike. Braslet Vision QuadrActiv consists of 4 types of active inserts – they give it an original look and have an impact on biologically active points zapyastya. Match with jewelry for body and soul – a bracelet QuadrActiv.

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