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You must know that not every massage bath ensures effective massage. While taking a bath positive changes in muscle blood flow, releases hormones and the kidneys. Because the blood vessels dilate, the pressure is reduced and blood supply. Water therapy is one of the oldest forms of physical therapy, and for centuries was the most popular thanks to its accessibility and prostote. Vo time the longest water treatment water temperature should be neutral, that is, equal to about body temperature. To reduce the tension from the muscles and relieve pain whirlpool at home uses 48% of respondents, while 32% prefer to simply soak in the tub, sometimes to relieve the pain, sometimes just to relax. As a result of prolonged water procedure accelerates the kidneys and the body of excess fluid output, excess sodium and potassium. That is, a bath and also eliminates the stress and lowers blood pressure. Исследования showed that 40% of people relieves stress by means of so-called product wellness40% of people relieves stress by means of so-called wellness-products. That is, to changes in body temperature is more sensitive than for the same temperature changes vozduha. Edema subside. 62% of respondents as the primary means of stress management called domestic water treatment.

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