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Water is involved in all processes of life. Why kill yourself excess flour, sugar, salt, tremors, bad fats, and alcohol. V the same time, the excess of certain substances leads to negative consequences. In fact, it is important to achieve balance and harmony. Let us deal with. This is the essence of the material world. The short answer is – a direct and large. Pain, stress and our ability to live pitanie. Refer to the nature, remember that it’s all about the cycling of matter and motion. And how much of this information around. The human body is two-thirds of the water. But it is also used, and also lost other vital substances, which are our source of energy and building material. Lack of magnesium, iron, vitamins B6 and B12 all can cause pain, anxiety, fear and various narusheniy. Water is constantly lost and replenishment of vital importance. But the consumption of something requires replenishment. Vsya – it’s metabolic processes in our body. Everything in our body vzaimozavisimo. This is a natural “solvent” for all other substances which make up we are.

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