Thoughts on Health

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Substitute can not be anything. That’s it creates artificial life and intelligence to be able to communicate with the natural, and then exceed ¬ syat created by nature. It is a good cure many ailments, but not ¬ can make a person healthy. For the health of the same four conditions are necessary:? To be healthy, need their own efforts, permanent and substantial. And the fifth – a happy life!? Unfortunately, health as an important goal stands before man, when death is close to reality. Alas 6. If tyazhelaya. Reasonably pitatsya. If he had been! The man is so perfect that you can return to health from almost any point of its decline. 10. It helps, but does not deter ¬ mines the. However, a weak man, even death can not long napugat. Nature gracious: just 20-30 minutes of physical education per day, but one to suffocate, sweat and pulse to participate twice. Just look how great man! Well, what is not God? The value of any effort is determined by incentives, incentives – Stu ¬ meaningful purpose, time and probability of achieving it. Do not overeat. And sorry, but the character! 5. 1. Only the necessary efforts increase with age and deepen bolezni. 7.

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