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So on “their” standards: a successful businessman should look healthy? Therefore, they are treated with special substances that prolong the shelf life, but at the same time take away everything useful. Ochistka begins with a colon, gastrointestinal tract and kidneys. 4 slagging: disease of stagnation: fibroids, fibroids, prostate adenoma, cellulitis, the deposition of the degree of slagging zhira. Stepen slagging of the organism is determined by the well-being and objective response of the organism in the presence of toxins in the degree of slagging organizme. This is all understandable. 2: headache, tension in the joints and muscles. We can eat apples, oranges, greens, but the body will still be present deficiency of vitamin C. ” Hippocrates said: Let food be our medicine and our medicine be our edoy. A man must make a decision to be healthy, attitudes and positive thinking helps to overcome the disease. 7 degree of slagging: irreversible disease-rak. 10. In our company there are some foods that will help you to restore the imbalance of nutrients in organizme. There is a degree of slagging osteohondroz. “The sad spirit – dries up the bones. This is all payback for civilization and wasteful use. 3 month – cleaning the kidneys. Medications 7. ” You know, I think that our country has shifted the emphasis a little. Posle as we cleared all our most important systems of the body can begin to feed and cell regeneration. Because taking care of business begins with caring about the sebe. Eta article will address just health issues: the path to health, to preserve it. Water 4. Milk Thistle, Liv Guard (this product is under clinical trials in 50 times more active than Essentiale and gepabene). Juraj, chlorophyll, E-chay. And part of it chemically synthesized vitamins, the degree of assimilation that is up to 10%, not more. We have a successful businessman can put an end to their health and go into business for himself thinking that first money, no time to think about health. In our regions, the ratio is 1:28 to 1:60. 6: biochemical contamination layers of nerve channels (Parkinson’s, paralysis). And we have not yet touched upon the subject of food dyes, preservatives and genetically modified produktov. Environment-the external and internal environment 9. A man almost gets far enough fiber, so that instead of cereals and cereal came buns, sweets, fast food outlets. Reshenie nature. Cell requires the following building elements: • the essential amino acids; • Vitamins-12; • Minerals-15; • polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 and omega 6. 8. To drink water for 30 minutes before meals or 2 hours after edy. But the only problem is that at the complex is. 1: External health, felt general fatigue. 2-month cleaning the liver. Nasledstvennost. Travmy. It’s safe to point out that if we lived 100 But apples can not lie forever and does not spoil. 6. That is, those organs and systems that most filtered, and through which passes most of the toxins.

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