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5 rules Nutrition Proper nutrition is like building a house. SILA FAITH. Sekret 9. POWER LYuBVI. Faith – is a spiritual force, through which the impossible becomes possible. Vse we have the ability to overcome disease and to establish their true health. Glavny law of the universe – the law of love, because Love is forever, this is the most powerful force through which can be healed of their diseases. Sekret 8. Dlya this have to do regular short breaks during the workday. It is important for physical and mental health. We can focus the mind on health and healing through healing visualizations. Laughter improves concentration and relieves mental stress. Reduces cardiac workload by 30% Reduces high blood pressure, improves pamyat. Faith connects the human spirit with a Higher Power. If you can not make his work on nature, bring nature to work. Zdorove begins in the brain – both mental and physical. Budte healthy! Seventy percent of the food should consist of water (fresh fruits, vegetables, sprouted grains and legumes). POWER DYHANIYa. And all the diseases that tozhe. Take care of nature which surrounds you and the environment in tselom. Love – the foundation of life, without it, life loses its meaning and significance, and the man falls into depressiyu. Faith is worthless without deystviySekret 10. Sekret 3. All that we need – is to live in harmony with the laws Prirody. THE POWER OF THE ENVIRONMENT. Secret 7. THE POWER OF REST AND RELAKSATsII. Raznitsa between life and death is in our breath dyhanii. Less is more! POWER SMEHA. PROPER AUTHORITY PITANIYa. Do not overeat! Fizicheskaya activity brings sily. Sekret 1. Sleduet morning, afternoon and evening, so the length of exhalation is taken as the unit it should be as long as it is convenient to hold their breath to 4 times longer than to produce a breath, exhale 2 times longer than the inhale. Do it all 10 times podryad. But love is available to all of us and there is one sure way to make love: we always get love when Giving lyubov. Mnogie people get sick just because they do not like even myself. Poor posture interferes with the free circulation of blood, and compresses the nerve pathways leading to disease.

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