HEALTH BEGINS WITH WATER… “purifiers” Morning Dew “”

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Utrennyaya dew appears on the border day and night, acquires the magical power of the elixir of youth, beauty, health, and you. It is clear that human health depends on the quality of the water that he drinks. With the purity of living morning dew begins each new den. Water – the basis of of life. Pathogenic bacteria, harmful bacteria that multiply in the old lanes, as well as copper, iron, is washed out of dilapidated pipes into the water, further impairing their strukturu. Even in the XIX century, Louis Pasteur said that “80% of disease a person drinks the water. Cleaner water “Yantra” Morning Dew “is manufactured using a patented tehnologii. “Why,” Yantra “Morning Dew”? Takim salt, the water is still alive, good, potblagotvornomu effects on the body – living close to the nectar from the morning rosy. ” In two thirds of homes Ukrainian gets water from open reservoirs.? Ochistitel water “Yantra” Morning Dew “a high degree of bactericidal, so the eyes of them water-schennuyu not necessarily kipyatit. Anthropogenic zagryaznenieRezultat perennial discharges into open waters of industrial wastes, pesticides, heavy metals, waste water sewer systems. Podarite you and your family’s health and vital force of water each day, using the “Yantra” Morning Dew. Osnovoy for him are substances used in manufacture, which are presented zhestkietrebovaniya, for example, in farmatsevticheskih. 2. Teper it easy to do with water purifier “Yantra” Morning Dew.

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