Our Health in Our Hands

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Children are very proud sporting mamami. ” If you have kids, walk with them, go to the skating rink in winter, rollerblading or biking in the summer. Never drink sweet drinks – has long been proven that these drinks do more harm. How do we preserve what’s already there? To preserve and promote the health needs three important components: pure water, full and healthy food, and freedom of movement of hazardous and harmful privychek. Must comply with a number of important rules, and then you will young, beautiful and energichny. Third, do not forget about the movement: to engage in any sport, whether it be jogging, swimming, yoga, shaping, dancing, tennis, skating or skiing. It’s very simple! How can we influence it, that can change – and did nothing. Health is the most important part of our success, happiness and blagopoluchiya. Vo Secondly, drink clean water: 1. Every year, each of us said one of the nicest holidays – birthday. Budte healthy! Itak, let’s talk about health. Teper fix the rules. Every year we hear in this day of their colleagues, friends and family a lot of requests. As they say: there will be health, and everything else – will be added. Do not eat prepared food, buy only fresh meat instead of frozen patties, whose composition is very somnitelen. Everyone at birth receives a certain level of quality of health. We all know that excessive drinking flushes toxins. We get a variety of diseases, while still in the womb or during childbirth.

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