Happiness Parents in Child Health

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The doctor tells the parents in detail about everything that excites them, that they should know. Genetically determined predisposition to disease, the health of future parents, health and overall health (drugs, alcohol) at the moment of conception, living conditions, nutrition, general level of culture, during pregnancy, birth, health of the child after birth in the early period of adaptation, breastfeeding. After discharge from the hospital, may already be familiar to you doctor comes acquainted with the baby. There is a commonplace phrase – “You can not buy health. Zdorove is composed of many factors. This surveillance system allows you to prevent violations of children’s health, and shall be the basis of any program for monitoring the health of the child – in the district hospital, in a paid children’s medical center, children’s klinike. Protect yourself: eat right, exercise, sleep and much more. After the successful birth of a period of adaptation in the border state of health of the child only require proper care, nutrition and nursing mothers observing the pediatrician, who decides when to intervene and when to wait. This is to some degree – a guarantee of a child’s health. The reasons are well known: the ecology of water, air, food, accommodation in the city, our daily stress, electromagnetic radiation, occupational hazards and parents t. Healthy children are smaller and, therefore, healthy parents. Beginning with the acquisition of equipment and children’s first knowledge of the anatomical and physiological features of a newborn, care for them. P. But you must admit that no amount of money to correct what is already enshrined in the born child. ” Its meaning is clear. Because if you get sick, then the money is not always possible to return to normal healthy life. At the same time it allows all of the above faktory. When to get reception of such children, with regret konstatiruesh that hard to fix bugs, and sometimes even impossible. Ministerstvo Russia declares health standards of preventive child health surveillance of the first year of life, compiled by leading experts in pediatrics. Evaluated the health status of the child, the risk of disease, heredity.

|: The quality of products, some lying on the products

Take a look at some erroneous statements about the products, which can be met and matched vy. But in a reasonable amount of chocolate good for the body. Yes, a lot of orange juice contains vitamin C which enhances iron absorption from food. Olive oil is most useful for health. Accelerator is not only spicy food, but very cold. Speeds up the metabolism and the digestion of proteins. The rest of the like.: Quality of products: some lies about produktah. White or black hleb. Vspomnite how many times have you heard that potato peel contains many nutrients. Da accelerates, it is true that, for example, chili or ginger accelerate the metabolism. The same process occurs when building muscle mass and hardening. Margarine or maslo. Lose Weight by color And studies have shown that margarine significantly affect cholesterol levels. In terms of nutrients between the two makes no difference, only in black food coloring added. It is believed that most vitamin C include oranges and lemons, but richer in vitamin C is a kiwi, and more vitamin C and contain rose oblepiha. Or, for example, that will speed up your metabolism and weight loss will give rise to? What we do every day determines the quality and duration of our lives. Both types contain about the same amount of calories, contains only bitter cocoa and more so has antioxidant anti-cancer properties due to the content of a large number of polyphenols. It provides them less than milk. Vy heard or read that dark chocolate less calories than milk? Ostraya food metabolizm. Both are wrong. After a person drinks chilled drink with chunks of ice, the body tries to warm the mucosa and to develop heat, which will require energy, thus accelerating the metabolism. Author Zdena Novachkova. Healthier bread baked from whole-grain, which is a source of fiber, minerals and vitamins. But even more useful sunflower oil and soybean. Znaete saying: “If you repeat a lie a hundred times, it becomes the truth”? In the skin of the rate Ray will find the remnants of chemical fertilizers. Many false statements relating to, and quality products. Konechno you heard many times that the lower-calorie margarine than oil, and therefore more useful. Both species are baked from flour, which lacks the vitamins and nutrients from the outer layers of the grain. One hundred grams of margarine contains about the same number of calories as butter. Eto you also be interested in: Milk – it helps or hurts? Lemons contain no sahar.

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