Biolit guard of women’s health

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The aim of the treatment program is the development of treatment guidelines specifically and individually for each of the women surveyed. Woman comprehensively surveyed experts: mammologists, gynecologist, oncologist, endocrinologist and neuropsychiatrists. Breast is now clearly regarded as a precancerous condition that affects 60% of women and 80% – are at the same time and gynecological pathology. Project leader is Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, SSMU, MD. In Tomsk reception of the program “Women’s Health” is based on the prenatal maternity them. It is noteworthy that the Academy of Natural Sciences, Dr. Chem. Scientific-practical program “Women’s Health” is composed of two parts: a diagnostic and therapeutic. In the program “Women’s Health” provides control of the effectiveness of diagnostic and therapeutic measures.

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