Health depends on the power

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). In general, women are at risk for anemia, because each month lose some blood during the Number of menstruation. Pervy law, which we actively break – the law of correspondence of the body energy and calorie intake. And very few – 30-40% – we spend on the move! And this anti-oxidants! Nam not have enough vitamins almost all year round, but especially in spring. Defitsit vitamin A and E – in 40-60% of the population. Spending power – to maintain vital functions, metabolism, body temperature, etc. This is called the basal metabolic rate, which accounts for 50-60% of all energy consumption. Especially increased need for iron in women during pregnancy and in nursing materey. The first way – the extra calories to spend, a sharp increase in physical nagruzku. Eat little fish, vegetable oil, but a lot of butter, sour cream, frankfurters, sausages, cooked sausages. Polenenasyschenye fatty acids. Meal – as a natural source of B vitamins, and dietary fiber (cellulose) that are necessary for all (a regulator of the intestine), but primarily from their scarcity affects women and pozhilye. Pochti in 100% of selenium deficiency and iron in the body kaltsiya. Drinks – no sugar, with saharozameni But when good nutrition is restored the hemoglobin itself, but if food is not enough, can develop anemia. Flour – with vitamin group B to produce low-fat dairy products fortified with protein, calcium, vitamins A and D. The most powerful tool for health – a healthy diet. Vtoroy way – change the nature of the product itself.

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