Advantages of product “Siberian health”

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The second – the creation of supplements – it is science-based, created in any academic institution, but does not meet modern market demands. The same product, but under different brands can get into competing companies, pharmacy, the retail trade network, etc. It is the standardization of the product components and ensure the claimed effect. At the entrance – an independent assessment of the quality of raw material 2. The creation of such products – fashion. Another important aspect of quality. Most often, behind such developments is 1 or 2 people. State of Utah is 90% of all dietary supplements America. Output – quality control of finished products. To be sure of the effectiveness of specific dietary supplements, you need to know what amount of biologically active substances present in it. For the above mentioned criteria are valid, most manufacturers. Having our own production – a guarantee of exclusivity, which means that the product is released on their own production facilities, will be out of competition because no one, except from the manufacturer you will not find it, and he will have the optimum price / kachestvo. Control over quality at three levels: 1. Natural substances are unstable and lose their effectiveness after a year or two.

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