The long-awaited law on health and sick leave for a new

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It was planned that they will be filled not by hand, and on the computer. Supported by expert and psychotherapist Constantine Olhovoy. In addition, Saversky approves transfer of liability and property from municipalities to the level of the subject federatsii. Prezident League for the Protection of Patients’ Rights Saversky Alexander notes that although the law is contradictory in many respects, it has a positive side. Po him, often suicidal, and critical of all, make clamped teenagers who can not “let off steam. He noted that on this occasion will be introduced some amendments. Both girls left suicide notes, but the alleged motive has not officially announced. The law guarantees secured drug supply patients with rare diseases at the expense of regional budgets, as well as donations. In addition, according to Roshal, the state now does not create good conditions, in particular social, work for doctors. Petersburg – all these themes, according to RIA Novosti, have become major in the social sphere in the outgoing nedele. According to him, it is important to correctly interpret and apply this information to the media: the less the information is distributed, so it agrees luchshe. Meanwhile, almost all countries of the world children are allowed to posthumous donation (among them Spain, France, Germany, USA, Austria, Belgium). Roshal said he was satisfied with only that part of the article, which deals with regional organizations, and the other part, which concerns the organization of nationwide medical association, is not pleased. For the prevention of teenage suicide should involve all spheres of life, from school and to the family, he said. State Duma Tuesday in the second and third readings passed the bill “On the basis of the health of Russian citizens”, which was to be discussed at the beginning of July, but postponed to the autumn session due to severe criticism. ” Social networks allow you to transfer this stress in a gentle manner, he said. Fill in forms by hand, doctors had to print. However, those sites and discussion, where suicide and death in general is given a kind of romantic aura of the noble way out of difficult situations, can lead to the opposite rezultatu. Decorated with the slightest error sheets immediately withdrawn, and one hospital had to rewrite several times. Petersburg and Moscow – came two pairs of suicide. This thesis has demanded clarification and return the document to the second chteniyu.

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