Culture of Health – Balance of primary sources

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Or, in other words – nice idea – beautiful desires – beautiful things. In the bipolar world it is difficult to maintain. So beautiful thought, filled with Beautiful idea – the basic tone, beautiful feeling (love, mercy, compassion, inspiration, creativity), giving special thought color – harmonic, and, of course, the effect of man on the physical plane. Not in vain claim – is attracted to a beautiful beautiful. ” Less good, plus good. Question – how to find this point of perception (balance point)? Therefore, the alignment of the Mind at the central point (balance point) – the basis of modern Man’s Health. Culture Thoughts must stand in front of the body of culture. Health – it’s a balance, ill health – respectively – this imbalance. What many do not want to take – a man is what he thinks. In the center – a void, “an eye” funnel “, zero, where there is no minus or plus sign. The body is not to his needs (also important) defines the thoughts and desires, and a balanced mind controls the body and defines. Beautiful wishes, corresponding to the beautiful thoughts are born as the levels of the mind. Balanced (beautiful) Mind Body obeys gladly. What is beauty? Thought lives, expressing themselves through the body.

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