The long-awaited law on health and sick leave for a new

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On Sunday in St. ” Social networks allow you to transfer this stress in a gentle manner, he said. For the prevention of teenage suicide should involve all spheres of life, from school and to the family, he said. Fill in forms by hand, doctors had to print. Roshal said he was satisfied with only that part of the article, which deals with regional organizations, and the other part, which concerns the organization of nationwide medical association, is not pleased. In addition, according to Roshal, the state now does not create good conditions, in particular social, work for doctors. The bill has caused much controversy among patients and among health soobschestva. According to him, it is important to correctly interpret and apply this information to the media: the less the information is distributed, so it agrees luchshe. S head of the Laboratory of Psychology of Child and Adolescent Center of Serbia, Elena Dozortseva name. ” On Wednesday night in the west of the capital of two girls born in 1993 from the balcony of the house folded 19 to Lake Street. It was planned that they will be filled not by hand, and on the computer. Sarsekov, S. And while the country has institutions and specialists able to perform the necessary types of transplantation. V September FSS introduced a computer application that allows you to type in the data sheet of temporary disability. He added that the fund is coming to an understanding of the difficulties that arise when developing a new formy. The expert notes that for the first time the Russian legislation in the field of medicine the patient is placed in the center of the health system. Petersburg – all these themes, according to RIA Novosti, have become major in the social sphere in the outgoing nedele. Now, Russia banned children’s organ donation. Novye forms sick with increased degree of protection against counterfeiting introduced in Russia from July 1, 2011. So many experts, and behind them and the patients go into commercial struktury. © Okutina Yu, H. However, this program does not cover earmarked for all medical institutions of Russia, just as available for download on the site FSS. Parents of sick children have to receive permission for medical treatment abroad. Suitsid SMIZa last week’s two largest cities of Russia – St. According to her, the dead girls were in the so-called “risk zone”: as a teenager – from 11-12 to 14-15 years and early adolescence – from 14-15 to 17-18 years. V document took into account the amendments prepared by the head of the National Medical Chamber Leonid Roshal – enshrines the right of professional medical societies involved in developing standards, protocols and treatment rates in the system of compulsory health insurance. Rukovoditel of environmental and social problems of the state Mental Health Research Centre for Social and Forensic Psychiatry named after Serbian MD Professor Boris Polozhii earlier told RIA Novosti that the behavior of students in Moscow could be triggered by a pair of schoolgirls suicide Petersburg. The investigation has opened a criminal case on “incitement to suicide. Agreed with him and Dozortseva, which believes that social networks often act smoothing, protective factor. The law guarantees secured drug supply patients with rare diseases at the expense of regional budgets, as well as donations. Po him, often suicidal, and critical of all, make clamped teenagers who can not “let off steam. As long as the preparation of documents, precious time is running out. This thesis has demanded clarification and return the document to the second chteniyu. The first will consider the admissibility of correcting erroneous entries by the attending physician. In other cases, workers had to return again and again to the medical facility and reissued Lyat piece of disability because the employer thought he was wrong zapolnennym.

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