Optimal health – this is really not as difficult as it seems!

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This is beneficial nutrients, which are the basis of the diet – protein, fat, food uglevody. A realistic plan for achieving it rests on eight pillars! These eight pillars – the basic principles on which the revolution of optimal health – and not so uh, they are complex and expensive! Environmental pollution – it’s too globally! Etc. And changing your lifestyle, we can reduce these factors. Many risk factors – for example, a lot of weight – risk for heart and t. Many think – where is it from? And an annual chest x-rays! Pillar number 1: Reduce your risk factors for chronic diseases. I want all the same to continue to share tips from the book for optimal health! That phrase strikes fear and loathing in many! Pillar number 6: Sufficient sleep. The need for these tiny organism, as measured milligramami, but they are very important for the body!

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