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Proper breathing will make you even more harmonious person both physically and psihologicheski. Temperature difference contributes to the powerful flow of energy. Deep breathing washes out deposits of carbon dioxide and pumping body energiey. For example, MirSovetov to further strengthen the mental health may recommend while jogging rhythmically repeating this phrase: “With every step I’m getting healthier and stronger” (or make up their). With regular training you can achieve amazing results. But he at any time of year, even in the bitter cold, unable to walk barefoot in some shortah. It is also helpful to understand how the flow of energy into your body and makes you silnee. In addition, the increase in heart rate is a powerful energizing the body. Through such an effect increases dramatically energy. If you want to be healthy – hardened! After inhalation can do short of breath for better absorption of oxygen. Tram lines, cell phones, computers have a negative impact on our energy. Beg – source radostiEnergeticheskoe body is an electromagnetic field which can be recharged while driving. Through the air along with oxygen in the body receives free electrons, which activate the vital processes in the body. Vo while running man does not spend, and draws energy from the environment. Chasto, trying to get out of apathy with pills, we will only ruin our energy body. If you want – just spray the utram. Escape from their influence is almost impossible. By moving your body with respect to Earth’s magnetic field, we cool we charge. Vazhno to remember the principle of gradualism. Although there are many natural ways to increase energy, and as a consequence of psychological health. A method called “Yogi Complete Breath” great massages the internal organs and has a positive effect on the brain. For a start will be enough for 5-10 minutes, but over time you can increase the duration of the practice. And with new powers to take on new projects. And often, this frequency does not coincide with the natural vibrations of our energy body. Running will give you much more good if you use visualization or positive attitude.

Chsheniya health. V Nowadays many techniques developed respiratory health.

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