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In this case, we turn to the unquestionable source. It was like this. Vy agree with the thesis “on health do not save”? Take, for example, the addition of detergent to the milk? By the way – without straining a free medicine, you are leaving significant resources to those whom they are really needed. Patriotism and economy (so cheaply, then) took over. But the media form the world your children – try to compete! Totally safe medications does not happen – even water for injection can be fatal allergen – you need to mention that it serves to breed more “serious” drugs, rather than water? The second condition: if you really search and find vegetable protein, for a variety of supplements and diet. Sekonoimli millions – billions paid. The result is extremely tragic – in the vaults until now, may lie prepapraty of untested (not significant proven! Only those who do not have the funds to pool their savings to buy the whole meshki. Vtoraya benefit – you will not get sick – and, consequently, you will keep your health! Animal proteins, for example. There are times where saving NEDOPUSTIMA. That, you know, to give “similarity” in the analysis of samples… What will your immune system, which tells your nervous system, having received such greetings – soy + vegetable fat (or – even better!? Pochemu? The state purchased the French system for processing of donated krovi. To save than never? Under two conditions: if it is not genetically modified. The Russian state and even Belarus has also demanded tough distinction to dairy products (milk, of course), milk-vegetable drinks and vegetable (without milk). Excellent article to save – it’s cigarettes, alcohol, potato chips, sausage… What a day we spend money on is clearly harmful nonsense?

Twas persisted and after a scandal. Like the sunrise, as the fare on the subway – by itself, in stereotype behavior in avtomate. One of St. ) And sober (in the sense – deprive of illusion. You can redistribute those funds to useful – for one super foods really super company that really radeet about the quality and the health of their consumers? Louis Brower informs us of the thousands infected with AIDS and cytomegalovirus (as well as hepatitis B – but this is in comparison with AIDS is a detail…). Soy protein is, of course, too good. Advertising features beautiful results after taking the medication, extols the hideous quality of the products about tobacco and alcohol advertising general recall sickening. Rely on anyone but themselves? And if the plant produces hundreds of thousands of cans per day – saving what? ) of blood – and, perhaps, could still enter the needy people. Brushing your teeth in the morning – zastilanie bed – drink Chlorophyll – TNT then – then all the other no less important and urgent matters. The rising generation will adjust our efforts, and learn the (perhaps) some of their chast. Pervaya benefit – you will not spend money on drugs that are all over the world (especially – we have) more expensive. To save on quality for higher returns – is not new. A these ideals and values? Answer yourself this question: can we rely to protect their health by someone other than themselves? The conclusion? and ideals in mind the children, not to allow advertising there – that’s understandable.

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