How to stay healthy when you have 60 or 18.

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Because of these do not particularly think about and control your mind and your actions. It does not matter, it concerns the health of, or building a successful business. You can find many other sources. No to do what is not part of our “comfort zone” (which we used to do), we must make efforts to push yourself. Read the it several times a day (morning and before bed optional). Day by day we do what we used to do. That’s right. Vtoraya interesting part – force of habit for those who have carefully implemented the recommendations of first parts and tuned in to the action, or rather to some serious work for the destruction of his laziness, negativity (if any) and somneniy. And a little advice. We must urgently runningaway habits. But before you start to develop new good habits – they need to formulate and write. Nachnem with the fact that our actions control our habits. Why? Read again the first part of the article and decide, “What do you want?

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