Hug health!? It is believed that a child who has little affection vnezhnom age, may have later mental health and mental retardation (compared with their peers raised in love). January 21 in the world has one of samyhneobychnyh holidays – International Hug Day (International Hug Day). Onbyl based in the United States in 1986 under the name of the National Day of hugs (NationalHugging Day), and then quickly spread around the world. Since childhood, we remember how the tears and ran to her mother, and she hugged us. Pediatricians and psychologists advise svoimroditelyam as often as possible to hug their little children to razvivalisumstvenno and physically. ”close” the celebration of January 21 and it is this pochemuvybrana data. Although the reason was, nearing the end of the session, which means that most of the examinations was put that thing on its own uzhesamo no joke. It’s just a guess. Despite namolodoy age of the holiday, today it is difficult to find the author: unknown komuvpervye came up with this idea of? Secondly, mental health is associated with satisfaction chelovekanerazryvno tactile needs. Psychologists davnodokazali that person, along with other living creatures, need vprikosnoveniyah. Kak claims history, this day studentykolledzhey rushed to embrace each other for no reason. To date, uchenyeabsolyutno just proved that hugs are good for health.

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All this is useful for us to further our work with children. In the process, students write the essay, found the answer to the question: Why should health? (Site “A healthy body – healthy mind”) – Why do I need health? Objectives: – To form relevant to their health and the health of others as the most important social values? In the course of their work, we have seen clearly realized the idea of? The project aims to provide students with necessary information in the field of conservation and the creation of conditions for the formation of a correct attitude toward his healthier future. Cooperation between itself and other subgroups. Good health, reasonable to maintain and strengthen the man himself, gives him a long and active life in society.

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