Why «Siberian health?

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This idea works in any market in any country and with any product. Our mission – to create a world for human health. A world in which everyone has the opportunity to become healthy, financially prosperous, and a personality to be recognized along with the Corporation! Who Should our offer Direct sales – an effective way to make money or achieve financial independence. The system of vocational training consultants. For that you get 10-12% of the wholesale turnover of your entire structure. The system of direct sales is that you represent the Company’s products, based on personal experience, that is telling people that liked it or help you personally. The development of modern scientific disciplines: chronobiology, mikronutrientologiya, Adaptive Medicine. In 2010, the Company’s increase in turnover of more than 81%. The same people, just like you. Investing in labor and talent available to everyone, beneficial and useful work, together we care about the future – ours, our children and our country.

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