Practical massage – health and beauty in one set

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At the end of the session 5-10 minutes sleep and tea. How is saving time and money to get the maximum benefit for your body? To support the operation of repeated sessions several times a month. And knowing this, and just wants to get everything in one set. Massage is known for its ability to relax, among other things – a great otdyh. So, given, first of all the wishes of their loyal customers, and consolidated in a single session of massage health and beauty. How it looks: The client is written in advance by telephone at his convenience spare time, working hours from 10. By general massage on the need to add can massage, cellulite wraps with and breathing exercises. Massage offers a lot of good artists, too, abound, but there is such a thing as time, which in itself is never enough. Weekly support yourself with a massage and sauna. Additionally held a free 2-hour consultation of a psychologist.

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