I want to… Health is not ended. Draw the image of health

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So with whom should begin to improve the environment? Because our actions are based on false beliefs, but now information on healthy lifestyles, more than dostatochno. ” Look at the menu – for what purpose do you work? Myagkoe gradual entry into the health conscious and give you a real health. Pochemu many of our dreams come true? These products are tasty and give pleasure without any additives, sauces and mayonezov. Again and vnov. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY. Daleko not go to – everyone wants to be healthy. The main problem of big cities now – municipal landfills as well as materials that create the problem – the plastic and tsellofan. And yet without which you can not do without? Pure water springs, cool forest lake available to you? You can not walk – start with themselves, with their environment. Tell us and together we will follow your primeru. Pri we’re sitting in a dark room and shuttered all the curtains, and even better – sitting on the subway, waiting poezda. Do not rush to push yourself to follow the way of health – an abuse not give positive results. Buy drinks in plastic? Pereydem to specifics – let’s true of the image ZDOROVYA. Pochemu in life, people often act as if living in Wonderland? Do I have to say about its usefulness? The only way that will lead us to a result – is to wait for the sun, where it rises. And be sure to encourage yourself – because you’re on your way! How often do you walk, the park at least? This material is for slags and salts, various growths, tumors, stones, colonies of parasites in our body. It is clear that our actions are absurd? Do you agree? What are we doing wrong? And the sun does not get to us? Vegetables, fruits, berries, grains, nuts, spices. And the envy of other women? Only for some reason all the more incurable diseases, the mortality rate exceeds the birth rate and the percentage of healthy babies is nearing zero.

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