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”, etc etc. Nukleazy6.:) Only where this miracle fruit to take? How many “ticks” you got? Antiviral chemotherapy 2. The owners of pharmacies are beginning to “live” at a time. Often, some of us remember about their health only when it makes itself felt. Together with the cold autumn days are closer to us selected season flu. Immunoglobulliny5. And they are all SYNTHETIC! Vse most doctors recommend taking medications that increase immunity: immunal, limfomiozot, aflubin, anaferon, viferon and others. Ie it is to live in the style of Wellness. 2. They are a great many! And why not? Colder – and that means soon the population zashmygaet noses and again in pharmacies will be high demand for immunostimulants, drugs, vitamins and protective masks. And not many buyers realize that the excessive use of synthetic vitamins not only help in infectious diseases, but generally can shorten the life. 2. Engage in charge – exercise stimulates metabolic processes in the body, give the spirits and energy for the whole den. Interferony3. While we do not get sick – and seems to be worried about. 5. It is known that immunity – a natural defense the body, it is the first barrier to enter the body of infections and viruses. Take your vitamins and vitamin kompleksy3. 1 and 2? Homeopathic remedies all this, of course, is wonderful, but let’s priberezhem money on a nice event and we will not pay out the body of this chemistry. With weakened immunity, even the most innocuous virus is a serious problem. That would be the case – ate in the morning, for example, a fruit – and you’re on a secured health for the whole day! There are a lot of information about the dangers of synthetic vitamins. This was very much written on the Internet. Inductors interferonov4.

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