What is health, healthy lifestyle?

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Harden your body. No, probably someone who does not want to be healthy. 2. Drive a car, then go up to your floor without an elevator. Not only useful but also helps prosnutsya. Do not forget the fruits and vegetables. 10. 5. 6 useful. 11. 8. Eat at least 3 times a den. “And what is health, healthy lifestyle? Avoid excess weight, not supper later than 6 pm. Rationally eat. Indeed, the main factors exacerbating the zdorove. And in vain! Coming home on the bus will leave the stop before. 9. Be psychologically balanced. Observe the daily routine. And if you do and do not have time, is taking walks. Cook in vegetable oil, reduce the consumption of animal zhira. Do not get nervous, because the nerve cells do not regenerate. It is also a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin, allowing it to extend molodost. Often walk in the park, outdoors, away from cars and other pollutants vozduha. When it all becomes a source of pleasure, whereas without any strong external goods can not deliver the fun, even subjective benefits: the quality of the mind, soul and temperament in a morbid state weaken and die out.

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