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Designed for installation at home whirlpool tubs are suitable for muscle relaxation after a hard day of work or training, and as improves the quality of life for adjunctive therapy in many заболеваниях. Gidroterapiya therapy – effects on the body with water or use water treatment purposes only. You must know that not every massage bath ensures effective massage. The main reason people buy a home massage bath – it’s not necessary to manage your time, convenience and privacy. To reduce the tension from the muscles and relieve pain whirlpool at home uses 48% of respondents, while 32% prefer to simply soak in the tub, sometimes to relieve the pain, sometimes just to relax. 62% of respondents as the primary means of stress management called domestic water treatment. Vo time the longest water treatment water temperature should be neutral, that is, equal to about body temperature.

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