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Simptomy are: 1. A six-day – 31 lesson. A roughness in adolescence – a sign of emotional diskomforta. How much can you learn? Pyati-sixth graders can not sleep at least 9. The three most common diseases of schoolchildren – myopia, gastritis, spinal curvature. So, ask for more house than you do in that time – nelzya. The younger student was too excited, mobile. But now, when the resistance of our body is weakened under the influence of bad environment and rich synthetic food additives, the bacterium can cause harm to a greater number of Helicobacter infection lyudey. In mladsheklassnika from excessive loads of school pressure can rise to 115-120. But children grow, they need to gain weight! 5-10 hours without harm. In the 6th grade in five days – 29 lessons in shestidnevke – 32. 5. 2. The child refuses to eat before school, at best, take breakfast with you. At a rate of top rate of 80-100 mm Hg. Otherwise, kids just can not sit still, listen to, penetrate, zapominat. This is an ancient bacterium has from time immemorial man, however, doctors have suggested that earlier it was for us not so dangerous. One study of our physiologists found that 60% of Moscow graders from overwork lost weight by the end of the first quarter. They have to run, walk, gallop for the day about 7 km.

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