« Zatmenie Solntsa nikak not influences the health of people? Poslednee full zatmenie Solntsa nA in Russia nablyudalos 29 marta 2006 Year period. Otvechaya nA zhurnalistov question, Kuznetsov said that “stsenariev kontsa sveta, svyazannyh with the sun, can not be. N. “Edinstvennaya connection between the solar zatmeniem and animal behavior can be changes in illumination, but it does not change from otlichaetsya light, which can nastupat of oblachnosti za “- skazal ekspert. ” Kuznetsov napomnil that “for many years, solar nablyudaya zatmeniya, ppedpriimchivye people pytayutsya manipulirovat them for his benefit, including ppedstavlyaya these phenomena kak misticheckie, peligioznye or svyazannye kakimi with a kataklizmami in nature. At least two of the year paz shadow of the Moon and Earth padaet nA is a solar zatmenie, odnako nablyudat it can vcegda in paznyh pegionah Earth. Kak soobschalos panee, viewers telekanala “Vecti” see direct sunlight tpanslyatsiyu zatmeniya a avgusta, kotopaya will vectis from cities where ozhidaetsya full zatmenie Solntsa: Nizhnevartovska, Novosibirska Barnaula. “slovam eksperta by similar attempts – not more than manipulyatsiya sharlatanstvo. Ekspert and noted that the weather-sensitive people tak nazyvaemye, including elderly people vozpasta, chasto peagiruyut nA magnitnye storm svyazannye vspyshkami nA with the sun, but these phenomena, he slovam, nikak not svyazany with solar zatmeniyami. The passage of the shadows” – said ekspert. Kuznetsov noted that “2007 was a anomalnym the depth and duration fazy minimalnoy aktivnosti Solntsa”, including a plane otcytstviya outbreaks vyzyvayuschih magnitnye buri. 48 in Barnaule msk. Zatmenie Solntsa nikak not influences the health and behavior of animals, zayavil dipektor Instituta magnetizma Earth, the Ionosphere, and pasprostpaneniya Vladimir Kuznetsov padiovoln im.

10 tips, how to maintain your health

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The most important thing is not to grasp at all things at once, divide, which should, over than to follow the logic. This allows the body to be prepared in advance to the loads and adverse conditions, as well as the harmonious distribution of energy consumption during the day. Then the body will have time to remove harmful substances, leading to many zabolevaniy. Active ZhIZNILyuboy stagnation is fatal to the human body and leads to various diseases. Cleaners, detergents, cosmetics, you should choose the lowest concentration of odor and color. Therefore, rest must be active, to bring maximum enjoyable oschuscheniy. Nadeemsya that our 10 tips to stay healthy will help you. Ability to build RELATIONS LYuDMIKazalos be here with your health? 7. Eat more fish (rich in omega-3 acids), fruits and vegetables (it’s natural antioxidants and fiber), cereals (natural drainage, a wide range of vitamins). How to correctly prioritize routine matters? Breathing in sports increased by enriching the oxygen cage. Tutoring SPORTOMNe necessarily spend hours in the gym or professionally engaged in some sport. If you reduce the consumption of sugar and salt, it will reduce the risk of diabetes and hypertension. Enough to do a little workout, but on a daily basis. Getting rid of these dependencies will act as a powerful therapy! SKILLS OTDYHATOtdyh is in any case not failure! MENTAL GARMONIYAV years of crisis, constant stress and depression is very difficult to remain calm. However, depressed, irritable state is strongly not only wears out the nervous system, but also the whole body. Today, we’ll give you 10 tips to save both his zdorove. In general, try to use fewer household chemicals. Therefore, try to move more: less travel on the transport and use the elevator. Normal walking on the street can be replaced at an accelerated pace, even a slight run. And in any case, do not overeat! 10. It is therefore important to surround yourself with people who are on you favorably, but with “energy vampires”, irritable, fussy and aggressive counterparts to try to reduce communication to a minimum. Aerosol sprays replaced, balls, sticks. What do I do? Best vacation-class that is fun. 6. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the pool.

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