Health: Myths and Realities

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So infarct – is not a disease being treated. Provedennye a U. We are with you at school, institute, where he studied a large number of subjects – necessary and unnecessary. By all indications, this is an absurd desire is economic. A lack of calcium leads to the beginning more than a hundred diseases. Pharmaceutical giants and their lobby in the government, of course, are not interested in this growing industry. Takaya line led to an assessment that biologically active additives give no nutritionist specialists who deal with food, and pharmacologists, and just officials from various nauk. Effective influence on the causes of disease, confidence in the natural produktam. Nashe with your health depends on the quality of the foods we eat. Deficiency of chromium and vanadium leads to low blood sugar. Pomnite: we need for the life of 90 items: 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids, 3 fatty amino acids and enzymes, bioflavonoids, dietary volokna. However, in Belarus, in practice, the opposite trend: a small but influential group of officials trying to put functional foods and dietary supplements in general, outside the law. ” And for the ignorance of the subject person is paying the most valuable thing he has – his health and his short zhiznyu. Second until people can afford the wealthy. Study found that in the world today to 80% lands are not necessary for human life mineralov. This is a symptom of chronic vitamin-mineral nedostatochnosti. If it does not pay attention, you will develop the well-known disease – diabetes. Otkuda at us with distrust Badam you?

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