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Zamechu obvious feature of the improvement that everyone would understand how, but overlooked. These people are just the most progressive group, they read all the literature on healthy lifestyles, and much experience in itself. Ne will hypocrite, saying that the medicine does not cure anyone. But in general, the trend is that over time, the number of cured patients is not growing. The current physician often does not cure, and provides medical services to the instructions he deflated by the Ministry of Health. Znaete Do you think that lack of serotonin leads to depression of the blue. None of us this, who would never in my life was not sick. Usually this is the youth living in rural areas. The third largest group are those who have lost some health, but due to the global pohuizma to that meter, laziness, if not out of ignorance, are treated symptomatically, mainly with medication and not consistent. Particularly well cured acute conditions of their transfer into chronic, as well as injury, poisoning.

To gather together and get rid of the negative. There is growing number of diseases and illnesses bolnyh. Ordinary doctors about such genocide do not even know, and if they can guess what keep quiet in a rag. Conventionally, all people can be divided into several groups. As a rule, all their stories start with a bunch of acquired diseases, the doctors were powerless, put the patient at a cross and was discharged home. Your health is the sum of positive and negative factors. It is foolish to enter into life only one component of health-improving and ignore the bad parts. Health issue, one way or another appear in everyone’s life. Moreover, to reveal to you a little secret, he Ministry of Health is interested in increasing the number of healthy people, but quite the contrary. Bytuet view that health should be dealt with only by specialists, medical doctors, but this is another fallacy, a myth. Оздоравливающие factors: Proper nutrition, exercises, movement (Phys. This topic is interesting, and in her next article, I always illuminated. Work, running), respiration, periodic cleaning of the body, clarity of thought and other systems of healing, good ekologiya.

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