Philosophy of Health!

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Seven years of practical experience with these wonderful products have proved convincingly that if you stop poisoning our body, to provide him with everything necessary, he will do everything to heal itself. The company “Coral Club International” selected the highest quality and unique products that provide fully biological body’s need for good nutrition and creating a healthy internal environment. To implement this program, it is sufficient to create normal conditions: an alkaline environment, a complete nutrition in a timely manner to produce an internal cleaning and protect themselves from infection and the effects of environmental crisis. As a joke victims: “The successes of medicine there from many diseases people do not die, but suffer. All living things on earth breathe, eat, reproduce and regenerate. Philosophy of Health: “Life Saving – the handiwork of drowning” 21 called the century of high technologies, the age of information revolution. On the other hand, the 21st century called the century of chronic diseases. Even Herodotus said, “Your health – clean air, water and food. Unfortunately, doctors are working for pennies, often sick themselves.

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