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The more knowledge, more difficult to reach them. It is an indisputable fact. Yet much of this history – creation, progress, enlightenment. To bring this philosophy to millions, create a new culture of health – our missiya. The number of such contacts frighteningly large. Yes, the world is not perfect. And we know that we understood and accepted everywhere in the world. The whole world has become a common information space. Extracted it. We can not even make the world perfect for our children. And our philosophy more than any other, involves a choice. What kind of 120 years of healthy life can there be if every hour and everywhere we are confronted with what is for the most immediate threat to life? Therefore, we proclaim that life – an absolute value. But by itself the amount of knowledge – yet only half the battle. Towns are growing, and the air in them is becoming dirtier. Yes you can, if more and more people will choose good health, then the world in which we live will be different. But let’s be realistic. The information age. After all, every resident, from newborn baby to a venerable old man, living far from ideal conditions. Two? A book for only one medicine – hundreds of millions. It is an indisputable fact. A thousand? And now we can gather all information about what and how to affect a person in his everyday life, in which pins it takes and how these contacts No not have to think that the whole history of mankind – a story of self-destruction. No question arises: can a man achieve such perfection, if he lives in a perfect world. We know that this potential can only be due to health.

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