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How to improve your health

Yazan: admin | 26 October 2011 | Comments Off
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According to a recent study of walking is better for your health than jogging. Who says life – is a serious thing? It helps to clear nasal passages. Try Jala Neti. Breathing – this is life. If you do not plant in the workplace, put a couple. Blood circulation is enhanced, resulting in tissue are [...]

HEALTH BEGINS WITH WATER… “purifiers” Morning Dew “”

Yazan: admin | 10 October 2011 | Comments Off
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Utrennyaya dew appears on the border day and night, acquires the magical power of the elixir of youth, beauty, health, and you. It is clear that human health depends on the quality of the water that he drinks. With the purity of living morning dew begins each new den. Water – the basis of of [...]

Development of determining health

Yazan: admin | 20 September 2011 | Comments Off
Categories: NUTRITION

Researchers are trying to distinguish the condition of the body on the degree of ordering of its systems and functions. In some studies expression of the essence of health and illness are classified, grouped by similar characteristics. But it is important to consider not only their own views, but also to investigate the sequence in [...]

I want to… Health is not ended. Draw the image of health

Yazan: admin | 10 August 2011 | Comments Off
Categories: NUTRITION

Vegetables, fruits, berries, grains, nuts, spices. The aroma of the forest after the rain, the smell of mushrooms or rotten leaves and flowering trees – how often do you inhale it? Are there any around you at least one completely healthy person? It is clear that our actions are absurd? And be sure to encourage [...]

Production “Siberian health.” Reviews results

Yazan: admin | 22 May 2011 | Comments Off
Categories: NUTRITION

I’m very grateful for the Siberian Health Corporation’s products. The oncologists surprised by his condition and asked what we so treat it. Results of recovery: I was very cheerful, energetic, hard work has increased almost 10 times. A year ago, my father (born in 1922), a hale and hearty, feeling weak, there was a decadent [...]

10 tips, how to maintain your health

Yazan: admin | 09 April 2011 | Comments Off
Categories: NUTRITION

Then the body will have time to remove harmful substances, leading to many zabolevaniy. Normal walking on the street can be replaced at an accelerated pace, even a slight run. Active fresh air just needed! Health Benefits potryasayuschaya. Less HIMIIOkruzhayuschaya our environment is so harmful to the health of staff. Notice how much better it’ll [...]

Horoscope for 2011: health, love and career. Find out what awaits you!

Yazan: admin | 07 April 2011 | Comments Off
Categories: NUTRITION

2011 for the Tiger will udachliv. According to the Oriental calendar, February 16, 2011 A year of the Rabbit (Rabbit, Cat). Trouble this year he will not get any, but it will be on the alert and vyzhidat. There are dramatic changes in their lives. Too much self-sacrifice could go no benefit otnosheniyam. Beginning in [...]

How to lose weight, but not health?

Yazan: admin | 07 April 2011 | Comments Off
Categories: NUTRITION

Every day of my life! No bread, no fat, no potatoes and buckwheat. Tea, soup, oranges, beer not included. On a diet does not sit on it live. Which, however, does not lose its significance. And at the banquet table, place a piece of cake, but cut thinner. Overdo it hard, we eat a lot [...]

How to find health in your hand

Yazan: admin | 04 April 2011 | Comments Off
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Warm, pink, with a healthy gladkoykozhey; hand with clear lines, not wet, but not too dry, the joints of regular shape, flexible, good listener hand… And if something tomenyaetsya? This is a sign of lack of endocrine organs (you may have hypothyroidism). But on etipriznaki pay attention and consult with the appropriate vrachom. However, people [...]

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