The study of public health is based on various criteria. However, the only criteria for the study of public health is not enough. They must be used in conjunction with the factors affecting health. These factors can be arbitrarily combined into 4 groups: 1) This biological factors – age, sex, constitution of man, genetics, 2) natural – climatic, heliogeophysical, anthropogenic pollution, etc., 3) social and socio-economic – the legislation on health care citizens, working conditions, welfare, recreation, food, migration, education, culture, etc., 4), medical factors and also the organization of medical care. All these factors affect four categories on both human health and the health of the population, and they interact with each other. But the force of the impact of these factors on health varies. Lead (principal) in shaping health belongs to social factors. This is confirmed by differences in the level of public health, depending on the socio-economic development. As practice shows, the higher the level of economic development, the higher the performance of public health and the health of individuals, and vice versa. An example of a leading influence of social conditions on health may be falling and the economic crisis in Russia. As a result, the health of the population has fallen sharply, and the demographic situation is characterized by the crisis. Thus, we can talk about the social determination of health. This means that the social conditions (factors) in terms of environment and lifestyle, the natural environment, state of health shape health individual, group, community.

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